10 Kitchen Things That You Need to Clean More Often

It is Spring! Time to think about opening the windows, letting in the fresh air, and cleaning away the dust and grime left from a winter all cooped up! Well, after spending a Saturday morning with some hot water and cleaning products, I managed to find 10 areas that I do not clean often enough. Check out this list. Do you regularly clean all of these areas?

1. The grates of the stove can be one of the hardest things to clean, but a clean stove top can have a big impact on making your kitchen look cleaner overall.

1. The burner grates of the stove

1. The Burner Grates of the Stove

2. The toaster can be a crumb-filled fire hazard, but I also took the time to wipe down the sides and buttons too!

2. The Toaster

2. The Toaster

3. Don’t forget to get up on top of the cupboards! You will need to dust, as well as wipe them down with a good degreaser.

3. The top of the cupboards

3. The Top of the Cupboards

4. The silverware drawer always amazes me because it contains clean utensils, but somehow manages to catch more crumbs than the toaster…EWWW!

4. The silverware drawer

4. The Silverware Drawer

5. The bins of the refrigerator can get really gross quickly. Again, they are crumb catchers, but also magnets for sticky rings from leaky condiments.

5. Refrigerator bins

5. Refrigerator Bins

6. The liquor cabinet can be a lonely place for forgotten and expired liquors and spirits. I actually found a dusty bottle of butterscotch schnapps from a party we hosted the first year of our marriage 15 YEARS AGO!!! While I know some alcohol improves with age, I’m pretty sure this bottle is not on that list.

6. The liquor cabinet

6. The Liquor Cabinet

7. The coffee maker is one appliance that I allow to sit on my counter top, and I wipe it down almost daily, but it does need a deep clean from time to time. Check your owner’s manual because some models suggest you flush them with a vinegar solution. Also, you should wipe out the insides to clear away loose coffee grounds and dust.

7. The coffee maker

7. The Coffee Maker

8. While we are talking about coffee, lets discuss the sugar bowl. I was disgusted to see what had formed at the bottom of my sugar bowl. We had gotten into a pattern of just refilling when empty, but I had not noticed the petrified clumps of sugar that had accumulated at the bottom. That sucker went right into the dishwasher!

8. The sugar bowl

8. The Sugar Bowl

9. The vegetable drawer is a nasty place where unused herbs go to die. Keep an eye on this one because it can go from immaculate to a pseudo-composter in a matter of days.

9. The Vegetable Drawer

9. The Vegetable Drawer

10. The edges of the dishwasher are a horror that I had never imagined! The inside of the dishwasher is very clean, and I am constantly wiping hand prints off of the door, but I never knew just how gross the edges of the door could be. It took some deep scrubbing with a strong cleaner to remove the sludge that literally made me gag!

10. The Edges of the Dishwasher

10. The Edges of the Dishwasher

So there you have it! This is my master list of the areas in your kitchen that you may be neglecting. I now feel better knowing that my kitchen is cleaner, safer, and free from the gross scum that mysteriously accumulates seemingly overnight!