Hurricane Survival


So if you live anywhere on the East coast of the US, you are most likely preparing for a wicked storm and power outages. Here are some quick tips for emergency meals that actually resemble dinner:

1. Remember that you can plug a crock pot into a generator. If you have either one of those, use them to keep soup, chili, or taco filling warm. Then, you can eat when hungry.
2. Pick up a cheap electric fondue pot during your emergency shopping. An electric fondue pot can cook anything from a can (soup, beans, rice, pasta…) ***this tip is also helpful for any college student who hates dining hall food.
3. Don’t forget about your waffle iron. Again, if you have a generator, plug in your handy-dandy waffle iron and use it to make cinnamon bun waffles. Just press the refrigerated uncooked dough spirals between the plates, and voila! You have a yummy waffle.
4. For those of you that do not have a generator… If you have a wood burning fireplace, invest in some campfire sticks and you can roast hotdogs and s’mores inside.
5. Be creative with the crackers, cheese, and lunch meat that you may lose without a refrigerator. Let your kids have fun trying new combinations or shapes. This can also be fun with some cookie cutters and bread.
6. Some of you may manually light the burners of your gas range. Check your owners manual to see if this is a safe option. If so, go with it.
7. If you have near-by neighbors, host a “use it, or lose it party” it is a great way to use up food that would otherwise go to waste. This party is best after the storm when the weather is nice, but power is still out. It is also a good way to mooch some generator power off of a nice neighbor so that you may charge your phone or flat iron your hair (Mrs. Bundra 😉

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head. Be sure to share your own tips in the comments below.

Take precaution, hunker down, and be safe, my fairy friends ❤


Chicken Stash

Here is a quick tip to make weeknight, or time crunched meals much easier.

** Keep a stash of cooked chicken in the freezer or fridge to be easily added to any meal.

  • Season boneless, skinless chicken breasts with olive oil and garlic, then grill. These cooked breasts can be stored in the fridge for a few days. Dice them for a salad, add them to fresh sautéed vegetables, or toss with pasta and alfredo sauce. This grilled chicken can also be diced and frozen to add to soups or casseroles.
  • Make shredded chicken to freeze. If you reach the point where you have to cook some chicken before it expires, throw it in your crock pot with a few cups of chicken broth. Cook until it is tender and falling apart. Then shred the chicken and cool before freezing.
  • A great way to shred the chicken is to throw it into your stand mixer with the paddle attachment and give it a whirl. You will have perfectly shredded meat every time!