Food Beauty

Sometimes, while cooking, I am struck by the beauty of food. Here are a few moments that I managed to capture in my own kitchen. Let this be a reminder to slow down, and appreciate the scene and beauty in the small moments of life.


My husband would call this a “bad pour”, but to me it was a quiet moment of reflection.


It may not have been a hit at the dinner table, but it was pretty to look at.


It just reminds me of summer, and I like red, and they taste so good.


I liked the way the star fruit looked, perched on the rim of the glass, but it was a bit in the way. I was happy to find that the scene was just as beautiful when floating on top.


The simplicity of the sun streaming in, as I baked some morning eggs. I love simplicity.


This scene literally made me stop and stare at the contrast between honey & soy sauce. I felt bad when the time came to stir it, but the chicken was great!