Our Secret Sources

My mom and my sisters are my “go to” people when it comes to cooking and entertaining. We have a bank of “Secret Family Recipes” that are tried and true favorites for various occasions, but I also have come to realize many other sources that influence my cooking.

My husband’s grandmother passed away recently and we have been cleaning out her house. When one family member came across her recipe box and favorite cook books, my mother in law exclaimed, “I bet her sauerbraten recipe is in there!” I was so excited to finally have a hard copy of my favorite recipe from that side of the family!

Could this be the holy grail of recipes?

Unfortunately, it was not there, but I consoled myself with the idea that I could always find a recipe online. And that is when I realized that my generation will change the way future cooks, as well as my own daughters, will build their portfolio of food. We will not only turn to our mothers and sisters, but to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and blogs just like this one.

This week I have repeatedly encountered the power of social media and its impact on food. I will start with the most outlandish conversation I overheard between two women. They were discussing how annoyed they were that Pinterest was becoming so popular because now all of their friends would see their good ideas and secret sources. One of them went as far as bookmarking her favorite posts so she could delete her pins, thus erasing any evidance…REALLY???

A second encounter was when my cousin posted a link from NPR for me to read. In this article, they discuss how social media is influencing cuisine in America , and how our eating habits are impacted by blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other online sources.


So, I guess the most appropriate thing to do is welcome you all to the family, my foodie family, because that is what we are. Feel free to use us as your “go to” people, and I encourage you to share your secret recipes with us.