One Happy Mama: My experience with a chocolate chip pecan pie with a candied bacon graham cracker crust

I absolutely love bacon. I could subsist on it, seriously. I also love pecans. I think they’re awesomely yummy! These are two of my weaknesses, so you can imagine my reaction when my BFF casually mentioned this pie, that a friend of hers serves at a local restaurant. Get ready, it’s a chocolate pecan pie, with a candied bacon, graham cracker crust. My heart skipped a beat when I envisioned this awesomeness!

Unfortunately, I live in PA, while my very lucky friend, Steph, lives in Hilton Head, the home of this wonderful pie. I’ve been vowing a visit, to no avail, but luckily, Steph loves me so much that she shipped one to me as a Thanksgiving treat!!! She was my most favorite friend that day! And, it was awesome. This pie had a cool smokey flavor that blended so well with the nutty pecans. It was dreamy.

I felt so privileged, that I posted a picture on my Facebook page and bragged to all of my friends. I was the only girl in PA that had a pecan & bacon pie from One Hot Mama’s in Hilton Head. I’ll tell you what, I was ONE HAPPY MAMA that day!

Are you jealous? Well I’m going to feel a bit like OPRAH when I tell you that you can have one too! My handy dandy friend Steph just sent me a link to order these pies and have them shipped anywhere! (ok, maybe just the US) Don’t you want one? I know you do! So, here is the link. Click it & order one so that you can be the envy of your bacon & pecan loving friends too!

Click here to get your pie!

Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie with a Candied Bacon Graham Cracker Crust Ordering Instructions