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Photo courtesy of Gino Guarnere

I am the Fabulous Fairy, and while I am not a professionally trained chef, I am a kid tested mother of three, who teaches full-time, and still manages to cook a sit down family meal most nights of the week. I know that many days, I wish for a magic wand or a fairy godmother to pop in and make a beautiful dinner appear, but no such luck. I also realize that sometimes the hardest part of dinner is figuring out what to make, that my kids will actually eat. So, I started a Facebook group so that other busy people in my life can hop on and not feel hopeless about dinner, or so that busy moms are not forced to resort to the local drive through or a boring bowl of cereal as a meal. Family dinner can be so much more.

I love to cook, eat, and entertain. I learned to cook alongside my mother. She taught me to experiment with flavors and handed down some wonderful family recipes that have given me a solid foundation in the kitchen. As a mother myself, I am committed to instilling the same skills in my daughters. I cherish the tradition of cooking together and sharing sit-down family meals during the week. I feel that it is fundamental to raising and maintaining a healthy, balanced family.

My Facebook group grew so quickly, that at the urging of my most faithful fairy friends, I took it to a blog of my own: The Fabulous Fairy. This is a blog that shares a variety of tried and true recipes for a multitude of kitchen needs, from a kid friendly casserole, to a mom friendly cocktail, plus the lessons I am learning about life along the way. It is like having a group of best foodie friends at your fingertips. As the Fabulous Fairy, I aim to grant your kitchen wishes and magically transfer your dull weekly menu into a magical moment of family fun!


Twitter: @fabulousfairy

Facebook: The Fabulous Fairy

Instagram: @TheFabulousFairy

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