Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Pie!


I know Thanksgiving is over, but I just had to share.

My husband has one saying that gets under my skin and bothers the hell out of me. Every year, as I shop for the best turkey, and go through an elaborate brining process, he looks at me and exclaims, ” Turkey is Turkey!”

Apparently, he thinks all turkey is the same. I’ve held blind taste tests, which debunked his theory, but he maintains his idiotic mantra, and refuses to acknowledge my poultry perfection. Grrr!

Well, guess what buddy! Today, I feel like a winner!!! Allow me to explain.

Thanksgiving was a success! We got in some much needed family time, shared good laughs, and ate tasty food, like citrus brined turkey. Of course the meal was carefully prepared, and the menu was painstakingly analyzed. In my humble (and when I say humble, I mean as a blogger who writes and posts pictures of her own food) opinion, it was a perfect meal!

Well, you can imagine my surprise when I came across this paper in my littlest’s backpack. Apparently, her Thanksgiving meal consisted of “trke, trke, trke, & pi”…really? Is that all you noticed??? What about the homemade cranberry sauce we made together? What about Aunt Rori’s corn casserole? I made 2 stuffings, for crying out loud!! All that mattered was “trke” and “pi”??

What do I say to this??

And then it came to me. To her, it’s all about the turkey! My turkey!! My baby knows good turkey when she tastes it. She’s her mama’s girl. It’s what occupied the most real estate on her little plate.

So for right now, I think she’s my favorite ๐Ÿ’—


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