The Power of 4

Normally I would be writing about food, entertaining, and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, but tonight, my heart is somewhere else. I don’t feel like posting a recipe, or tips on how to brine an absurdly large turkey; I just want to write about being a mom.

Tonight, as I tucked my youngest into bed, we said goodbye to 4. This is significant for me, because this year has been my most favorite year as a mom. While all three of my kids have very unique personalities, and each child fills a specific purpose in my life, I feel that this was the year of my youngest daughter, Adeline.

My oldest daughter, Olivia, is my growth. She has a determined spirit, and she does not give up easily. Being the oldest, she is where I learned to be a mom, and she is the one that challenges me. She pushes me to look at things in a different way, she challenges me to accept differences, and she encourages me to be the best mom that I can. Without her, I would not grow.

My second daughter, Amelia, is my laughter. She has the sweetest soul, and the most contagious laughter. You can’t help but be happy around her. She reminds me of all that is good in life. She snuggles affectionately, and loves unconditionally. She teaches me daily about forgiveness and reminds me just how fragile little hearts can be. Without her, I would not love as deeply.

And my youngest, Adeline, is my balance. She has an old soul. She seems to understand well beyond her years, yet she has a spunky, sassy personality that is addictive. Adeline is the one that keeps me on my toes with her curiosity, but also touches my heart daily. She is affectionate and insightful, and it is this year, the year of 4, that I will hold onto forever in my heart.

I cannot pinpoint exactly what made 4 so great. Maybe it is how she senses when I am stressed, and crawls up in my lap to hug me and just say, “I love you, mama!” Or the maturity she displays when she picks up her toys without complaint, avoiding a mommy meltdown. Perhaps, it is how she swells with pride at her own accomplishments. She melts my heart, and the hearts of her sisters, too. Even they see that she has a special little soul. Adeline is a gift to our family, and we would not be complete without her. I have to believe it is a blend of all of these behaviors wrapped up in the cutest little package that has made this a remarkable year.

Either way, I feel very sad to say goodbye to 4. I know that she will not be any different when she wakes up in the morning, and that she will still “Houdini” her little body into my bed around 7am, wrap her arms around me, and beg me not to go to work, but I see this birthday as a concrete marker of time passing. It is a reminder to me just how fast the journey goes.

So, as we say goodbye to 4, and we happily welcome 5, I will remember to absorb every moment. For I fear that it won’t be long before she is too big to do many of the things that make me feel love to the depths of my core! To me, this particular Thanksgiving is not about flavors and food, it is about savoring the moments and people in life that truly make me thankful.


13 thoughts on “The Power of 4

  1. That was beautiful, Kelly. Being a parent is the toughest job I know, kicks your butt every single day but the unconditional love makes it all worth it. Thank you for sharing your year and wishing Addie a great 5!

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