Thanksgiving–Not Just a Pre-game for Black Friday Shopping

Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday! I have cooked Thanksgiving dinner since I was in college. It is the highlight of my year. I love that we spend the day, cozy in the house, just celebrating our family and what is good in life. We laugh, connect, and share memories.

The impact of this day is immeasurable. We have years worth of laughs and jokes that bring forth feelings of levity and gratitude, many of which are at my expense, due to recipe failures. I relish in knowing that I will never live down the disastrous year that I tried to make my own dinner rolls from scratch, or the fact that we still serve my grandmother’s green jello mold, affectionately renamed “the green sh*t” by my husband’s side of the family. I laugh at pictures from a few years ago when, after dinner, we tried to make martinis with pureed leftovers…

Our motto was “Leftovers…Don’t bag them, shake them!”

We made my mom taste them…

Cranberrry & Apple, Green Jello, & Pumpkin Pie Martinis…Not all were winners.

And, I am sure that this year will not disappoint. In fact, I have made it my mission to preserve the fun of Thanksgiving. It WILL NOT become a pre-game feast for Black Friday shopping. We will sit, laugh, and enjoy a day that is about family and gratitude! In the wise words of my wonderful mother “We will have fun, damn it!”

So stay tuned for my greatest tips, tricks, and recipes to help you host a sane Thanksgiving!

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