Ok…so apparently my previous post has sparked debate about what is necessary in the kitchen. Please add to the debate. What is the one gadget, tool, or appliance that you cannot live without?

For me it is a toss up. I love my hand blender ๐Ÿ™‚ It is indispensable when making my sauces and soups.

I also love my stand mixer. I use it to mix meatloaf, make fluffy mashed potatoes, shred chicken, and bake.

Leave me a comment below. What is your essential kitchen tool?



7 thoughts on “Justification

  1. My self-sharpening scissors. I use them to cut everything from chicken to herbs to paper! Throw them in the dishwasher and they’re ready for anything!

  2. I live alone and like to cook (and eat), so my essential tool is a vacuum sealer. I can purchase anything I like and make sure it doesn’t go bad before a have a chance to use it up. I especially like my new Foodsaver hand-held vaccum sealer–great for sealing nuts, seeds, lunch meats…

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