Pineapple Coconut Drinky-Poo

A drink by the pool
My tropical escape
A way to stay cool
And slow down the pace.

Move over, Margarita! I have a new love!

Now, this is a hard statement for me to swallow, because I am a margarita lover, but I have to admit that I am crushing on this new tequila temptation. This drink is perfect for anyone who loves tropical favors. The glass in the photo is half empty because I could not stop sipping while setting up the shot!

Now, tequila-phobics, rest assured the Jose Cuervo Coconut Tequila is not as strong as the regular varieties. My new drinky-poo is just as mellow and relaxing as a chair in the sand at the edge of the ocean.

1-2 oz of Jose Cuervo Coconut Tequila
8 oz. pineapple juice

Fill a tall glass with ice.
Pour in tequila and juice.

Entertainment Suggestion- Serve in a punch bowl or beverage dispenser and garnish with pineapple rings and lime slices.


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